Protein Rich Dosa Mix+ Iron Rich Dosa Mix + 2 Roastomix

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Protein Rich Dosa

Weight: 500 g

A Great Protein Rich Hot Breakfast/Snack Option!
Amboli is a flour made up of multiple traditional Indian pulses. It is gluten-free, thus suitable for people with gluten sensitivity.
It is a wholesome meal in itself. It tastes even better by adding a lot of vegetables while making this dosa, this will also ensure good fiber intake.

Iron Rich Dosa

Weight: 500 gm

Made purely from natural flours, without any chemical additions/preservatives, this atta is a combination of 8 different flours picked specifically to make it Iron-rich. This atta is not just rich in Iron, it also has good amount of fibers, and minerals like magnesium, phosphorous and zinc, all of which make it a fantastic meal option for everyone in the family.


Weight: 120gm (per packet)

Our Roastomix Namkeen is perfect for healthy snacking being all natural, low in calories and rich in fiber!

No Cholesterol No Preservatives No Additives