Multigrain Bhakri + Multigrain Thalipeeth + 2 Roastomix

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Multigrain Bhakri

Weight: 500gm

A traditional Indian mixed flour, optimized for good health. Not just it is filling & satiating but is also tasty. Pair up your Bhakri with cooked pulses/veggies which will ensure good fibre intake. Bhakri makes a quick and nutritious hot meal/snack option.

Gluten Free Diabetic friendly Helps in Lactation Stress/Anxiety management. Improves teeth/bone health Prevents Inflammation

Multigrain Thalipeeth
Weight: 500 gm

Thalipeeth is a powerhouse of nutrition and makes a great wholesome meal or snack! Made with a blend of various grains powdered together, spiked with onions & chillies and flattened out with the hand, these amazing little pancakes will keep you full for hours.

Boosts Immunity Diabetic friendly Lowers Cholesterol Helps in Lactation Rich in Vitamin A Rich in Vitamin K


Weight: 120gm (per packet)

Our Roastomix Namkeen is perfect for healthy snacking being all natural, low in calories and rich in fiber!

No Cholesterol No Preservatives No Additives